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Welcome to the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund Competition!

International Exchange Alumni members are welcome to participate in the AEIF competition. For more information, eligibilty and help with the application process, please continue reading:

Important Dates and Information:

  • February 1: The AEIF competition begins at 14:00 pm ET (U.S. Eastern Time, i.e. New York). Alumni may start submitting proposals and budgets through this online platform. 
  • February 28: Deadline for AEIF Proposals and Budget Forms is 14:00 pm ET (U.S. Eastern Time, i.e. New York). This is the final and only deadline, so make sure you get your three team members and submit your final projects in before the deadline, no exceptions.
  • A complete application package consists of: a proposal, alumni team information, and a budget with a budget justification.


  • Be a member International Exchange Alumni (IEA) global online community.
  • Have at least two other team members from the IEA community.
    • Note: Alumni who are U.S. citizens may not submit proposals, however, they may participate as team members in a project.
  • All project activities and initiatives must take place outside of the United States.

Not ready to start your application yet?

No worries, you can work on your proposal and budget application and when you're ready with your drafts, you can return to this page by signing into the International Exchange Alumni website, and clicking on "Apply to AEIF". Then you can copy and paste your responses into the application form here. 

Need some inspiration? 
You can view sample proposals and budgets as well as guides to help build your project on the AEIF Help Desk. You can also download the AEIF Application Questions and the AEIF 2018 Budget Form to work on your project proposal early. 

What happens once I submit my project?
Once you complete the proposal form, upload the budget and add your alumni team informaiton, you can submit the application. You will see a screen that notifies you that you have successfully completed this. You will also receive an email confirmation.  Once submitted, you are no longer able to make changes to your project. 

To get started click the "Sign in or Register" button!